The Consecrated Virgin and Her Service to the Church

by Therese Ivers, JCL

Some Americans have interesting theories about the part of the consecrated virgin’s vocation which is dedication to the service of the Church. In my work as a vocations promoter in my diocese, I frequently encounter people who value religious and other consecrated people (such as consecrated virgins) by the “cheap labor” value they provide. This is because America is deeply influenced by the Calvinistic work ethic in which a person’s worth and identity has been tied to his value as a productive worker. Others identify “service to the Church” as the erroneous notion of consecrated virgins being obliged insofar as possible to be working directly for the (arch)diocese or parish or religious community since it can be labeled “Catholic”. Both views are incorrect. Can my astute readers identify why, before I publish the reasons in my upcoming book on vocations? Simply register and comment!

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