Re: Vatican Workshops (Symposium) to Close the End of the Year of Consecrated Life

Tlogo-anno-vita-consacrata_enhe Vatican is doing an International Symposium (gathering/workshops/events) for Religious, Secular Institutes, and Consecrated Virgins and at the end of the Year for Consecrated Life in Rome!

The dates specified by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life for the gathering of Consecrated Persons are as follows:

  • Symposium for Secular Institutes, and Ordo Virginum 29 Jan 2016 – 31 Jan 2016
  • (Symposium for Religious 28-30 Jan)
  • Vigil at St Peter’s Basilica 30 Jan 2016 at 8 p.m.
  • Audience with Holy Father 1 Feb 2016
  • Mass to conclude the Year of Consecrated Life with the Holy Father 2 Feb 2016

The ORP/Kairos which acts as the pilgrimage organizer for the Vicariate of Rome (Diocese of Rome) has arranged for a pilgrimage package for Consecrated Virgins, Religious, and Secular Institute members interested in participating in this International Symposium for Consecrated Persons in Rome with an optional extension to the Holy Land for those interested in seeing where hermits, religious, and the Ordo Virginum began (Following the Gospel). This pilgrimage package is available so that consecrated persons can attend the International Symposium, with lodgings, meals, transportation and other major details being arranged by the Vatican’s office of pilgrimage. Consecrated persons can relax, attend the Symposium, enjoy each other’s company, and prayerfully visit some of the sights in Rome and Italy that are of special significance to consecrated life.

A religious priest-chaplain is being provided who is familiar with the different forms of consecrated life. Guides to the sacred sites will be available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, and the pilgrimage is open to religious, secular institute members, and consecrated virgins of all nationalities. If enough people from any country want a guide in their language sign up, they will receive a guide speaking their language. This is an international pilgrimage package for the symposium organized by Rome.

Because this is a pilgrimage designed for consecrated persons, we will be lodging as much as possible in places run by religious orders and this is not meant to be a 5* luxury level pilgrimage. Because we realize many consecrated persons are poor, we are working towards getting donations and sponsors for people who cannot otherwise afford to attend, particularly for secular institute members and sacred virgins in the USA, South America, Africa, and Australia. If you are interested in attending and are a sacred virgin (Ordo Virignum) or a consecrated member of a Secular Institute but need a partial or complete scholarship, please contact Patrizia.

Program for Year of CL 2015

Symposium for Consecrated Virgins and Pilgrimage Poster
Symposium for Secular Institute Members and Pilgrimage Poster
Symposium for Religious Men and Women and Pilgrimage Poster

Please note that when the posters/brochures are finalized for the program organized by the ORP/Kairos to help consecrated persons attend this International Symposium, they will also be available in French, Spanish, and Italian. Although the information is not completely on their website yet (click the photo to enter the site), the Kairos/ORP website link is here.

FYI- a word about ORP/Kairos. Kairos Pilgrimages is the North American office for the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP; roughly translated, The Work of Roman Pilgrimages). The ORP was established by Pope Pius XI to assist with the spiritual and logistical needs of pilgrims to Rome, and is an activity of the Vicariate of Rome (Diocese of Rome) under the leadership of Cardinal Agostino Vallini, the Vicar General of the Holy Father. The ORP organizes pilgrimages and provides logistics for events in Rome and other locations of Christian pilgrimage as a form of the New Evangelization. Recently, it coordinated the logistics for thousands of members of the Order of Malta for a major meeting in Rome.

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