International Congress Pilgrimage of Virgins Rome 2008 Part II

Today, the schedule for the congress was quite busy. The day was kicked off with a Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica celebrated by Cardinal Rode, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. Concelebrating with His Eminence were 8 other (arch)bishops, including Archbishop Burke from St. Louis Missouri. Immediately after the Mass, the 500 consecrated virgins were received in private audience by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

His Holiness addressed the 500 virgins,  cardinal, and bishops, and virgins representing 52 countries from around the world. Among the virgins attending were some from Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, the Jordan, and Finland.

Excellent presentations were made by two French speakers, one of them being a great liturgist from France, Rev. Marcel Metzger, and a consecrated virgin from France, Ysabel de Andia. Another presentation on consecrated virginity was presented by Bishop Demetrio Gonzalez, Bishop of Tarazona (Spain) in Spanish. Simultaneous translations were made in the major languages of French, Italian, English, Spanish, and German.

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