Hot off the Press! New Book on Consecrated Virginity

While a lot of attention has focused on the spiritual and theological formation process for those who wish to become consecrated virgins, there hasn’t been as much
emphasis on the practical logistics of consecration planning.  If, as many consecrated virgins do, a virgin wishes to wear a wedding dress on her Consecration day, then the date must be set at least several months in advance because it takes time to have a dress shipped and altered.  Printing invitations, getting the invitation formula approved, discussing home chapel arrangements, planning the music, and other details take time, thought, and effort.   Because both virgins and diocese’s are often unaware as to the extent of the advance planning needed, a lot of things pop up last minute, are neglected, or even botched, causing great stress.   This guide gives tips on how to navigate the uncharted territory for a lot of dioceses in how they can work with the virgins who desire to be espoused to Jesus Christ.   I am therefore pleased to offer you my book via Kindle (or if you wish, by print):


P.S. Even if you don’t need a copy for yourself, please consider donating below to get this book into the hands of our American diocesan bishops!

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