Getting Ready to Head to “THE” City

by Therese Ivers, JCL

One thing that always amused me when studying Latin is the use of the word “urbe” (city) to designate Rome when no other clues are given to a specific city.  Thus, for example,when I went for my licentiate in canon law in Rome, the university’s full title was the Pontifical University of St. Thomas  Aquinas in the City (“Urbe”) which means the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.  Well, supposedly, all roads lead to Rome, and it is back to Rome I trek this October, even though I failed to toss a penny in the Trevi fountain the last time I was there.  I have been accepted to the doctoral program for canon law, and my dissertation will be on…. drumrolll…  suspense…  can you guess? …  Canon 603.   Naturally, I would pick a vocations theme for my big paper!

In preparing for this jump across the Atlantic, I have resigned my position as Judge in my Diocesan Tribunal and am no longer working as Vocations Promoter for my diocese.   After all, I do have to prepare for ordering pizza and gelato in Italian!  Kidding aside, in addition to brushing up big time on my Italian and Latin, doing serious research on diocesan hermits, and wrapping up various loose ends I am hoping to complete my book on vocations soon so that you can get the  benefit of years of research and people’s stories on different vocations in the Church.  I think I’ve been working on this book for 12 years, and it’s finally coming to a point where I’m comfortable in releasing at some time in the near future.   Meanwhile- I know how hard it is for you to wait for this exciting book- I thought I’d share a quick video tour of my university:


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