Dr. Shalina Stilley: A Vocations Discernment Bootcamp Speaker

phoootoShalina Stilley, Ph.D, is a consecrated virgin within the Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph.

She was consecrated in 2003 in Dallas, TX (article HERE), and is presently an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Conception Seminary College where she has been teaching for four years.

After converting to Catholicism in 1993, she completed a Masters in Theology at the University of Dallas and a Doctorate in Philosophy at Marquette University.

Dr. Stilley gave a presentation on virginity as an essential requirement for women to validly receive the Consecration of Virgins at a convocation of the United States Association of Consecrated Virgins (USACV).

Rev. Shalina Stilley will be giving talks on discernment and on the vocation to consecrated virginity lived in the world.

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