Cardinal Rode Handing Out Diplomas

Each year the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life hosts a course on the Theology and Law of Consecrated Life.  It is a two year course and if you pass the exams at the end of the second year you will receive a diploma from the Congregation.

This year the exams will be held April 25th.  Those who pass it normally receive their diplomas from the Prefect of the Congregation, who happens to be Cardinal Rode.  However, since I will probably not be in Rome when they normally give the diplomas out (in November), I hope that they’ll mail mine to me.

Here’s a picture of Cardinal Rode giving out diplomas.  I used a mobile phone camera to capture this, so the quality isn’t exactly that great.

Cardinal Rode

The diploma has a fancy border around it.   I didn’t actually get a good look at one of them, but I did ask a Sister to pose with hers for a quick shot.


I hope I’ll be handling my diploma soon.  Pray that I ace those exams!


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