Can Bishops Change the Duties of Consecrated Virgins?

by Therese Ivers, JCL, OCV

A number of readers have asked whether a bishop can impose more duties on the Consecrated Virgin after her consecration. For example, let’s say that Janice was consecrated by Bishop Ambrose. Bishop Ambrose and Janice had agreed that she would be leading a Bible study once a month as an integral part of her way of life as a Consecrated Virgin. Then Bishop Ambrose gets transferred or retires. Bishop Gregory is Janice’s new Bishop. He wants all the Consecrated Virgins (eight of them) in the diocese to start teaching catechism to grammar school children in the parishes. Janice has only time to do the Bible study because of her work schedule. She does not have the day off for catechism lessons, nor does she have the aptitude or desire for teaching young children. Is Janice obliged to teach catechism per Bishop Gregory’s desires?

If you would like to know my take on this scenario, please write your response to this question in the forum linked below. If I don’t get any responses, I will move on to something else more interesting to our readers.

Update:  I am moving on to another topic.  I may choose to revisit this at another time, but probably in a book or in the members only section.

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