The mission of this website is to provide information to enable Catholics to make informed vocational decisions in the Roman Catholic Church.

This site is not designed to actively promote or discourage any group, movement, or person within the Catholic Church unless deemed advisable by the administrator. Rather, it is the hope that given the assistance of the tools handed over in these pages and within the membership section that a person will be able to analyze potential spouses, dioceses, communities and movements independently and make informed vocational decisions himself/herself.

Our Administrator, Therese Ivers, is a canon lawyer and a member of the ancient Order of Virgins. She took a 2 year diploma course at the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.  She served for three years as the Vocations Promoter in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD, assisting women in discerning their vocations, and as a Judge within the Diocesan Tribunal before resigning her positions to go on for further study in 2011.  Currently, Miss Ivers is a doctoral student, writing her dissertation on diocesan hermits.  In a private canon law practice based in South Dakota, Therese assists those discerning a vocation with theological and canonical insights and offers her professional services for groups desiring to become Diocesan Congregations or Associations of the Faithful.  She practices marriage law (annulments), representing private clients and serving as an official for certain Tribunals in the USA.  She is also available as an advocate for accused clerics.

Other collaborators on the Do I Have A Vocation? Team have backgrounds in vocations and are knowledgeable in the field.

While every effort is made to ensure that all materials on this website are in accord with the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church, the works of authors, speakers, commentators, and others who may be quoted or linked to on this website may not be completely submissive to these teachings off-site.  This website does not take responsibility for any non-compliant views of such persons and advises readers to exercise due diligence in their vocational researches.

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