The Thursday Q & A

Q.  I am a widow.  What are my vocational options?
A.  If you are a Roman Catholic widow, you are called to live the universal call to holiness.  It may be that you have been given a call within a call and that you might be called to marriage, to the religious life, to a society of apostolic life, to become a member of a secular institute, or perhaps to privately dedicate your life to Christ through a life-long private vow of chastity.  Of course, it is essential for good discernment that a widow have
gone through a sufficient grieving and adjustment period before seriously contemplating possibly taking on a new life-long commitment.

NB.  Eastern Catholic widows have the additional possibility of entering the consecrated state as a consecrated widow should they be admitted to this by their local hierarch.

(c) 2009 by Therese Ivers, JCL

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