Meg Hunter-Kilmer: A Vocations Discernment Bootcamp Speaker

Table of contents for Vocations Bootcamp 2013

  1. Vocations Bootcamp for Women
  2. Meg Hunter-Kilmer: A Vocations Discernment Bootcamp Speaker
  3. Dr. Shalina Stilley: A Vocations Discernment Bootcamp Speaker
  4. Contest Time!

Meg-Hunter Kilmer, MA, is a professional theologian, and a hobo evangelizer for Christ.  She crisscrosses the United States, giving talks wherever asked on all topics of our Faith.   A dynamic speaker, she will be presenting some of our discernment talks.

Bootcamp attendees will be able to hear Meg’s insights as a theologian on vocational discernment.  Plus, they’ll be able to hear why she joined a teaching community, discerned out, and why she is currently living in her car for Christ.  Meg is currently discerning the vocation of sacred virginity in the Church.  The curious may find time with Meg to ask her what it was like to witness in Las Vegas with her t-shirt inviting people to ask questions or for more details on discussing the Faith in the heart of Mormon-land.

Meg visited us in South Dakota recently and we can’t wait to have her back!  In the meantime, we’ll probably be having a webinar soon with her.  Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

Here’s a sample video of Meg speaking on restrictions the Church may place on people who receive declarations of nullity she did on her visit:

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Vocations Bootcamp for Women

Would you be interested in attending a two or three day vocations workshop? We’re thinking of doing something with the following elements:

  • Principles of discernment according to the Church’s tradition
  • Vocations “map” of the stages of discernment
  • Talk on what constitutes a Church vocation
  • Workshops and talks on the different vocations open to women
  • Talks on matrimonial preparation and discernment

This bootcamp would take place in South Dakota around October 3-6. The place is yet to be determined, but speakers are being contacted as of this writing.

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Thank You Bonus Teleseminar

To Those Who Purchased My Book:

“Thank you!”  I repeat, “Thank you”.  I hope that it was enjoyable to read and
answered many of the questions you must have had on Consecration Planning.  For those of you who still have questions or would like to learn more, I will be hosting a bonus teleseminar. Simply send me any pressing questions you might have, and I will try to answer as many as possible during the call.

When:  June 8, 2013
Time:  Will be emailed to you.
Topic: Answering your questions!

Simply reserve your slot by emailing Question @ NameOfThisSite. Please include as proof of purchase the 18th word of the second sentence of the second paragraph of page 72.

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Can Bishops Change the Duties of Consecrated Virgins?

by Therese Ivers, JCL, OCV

A number of readers have asked whether a bishop can impose more duties on the Consecrated Virgin after her consecration. For example, let’s say that Janice was consecrated by Bishop Ambrose. Bishop Ambrose and Janice had agreed that she would be leading a Bible study once a month as an integral part of her way of life as a Consecrated Virgin. Then Bishop Ambrose gets transferred or retires. Bishop Gregory is Janice’s new Bishop. He wants all the Consecrated Virgins (eight of them) in the diocese to start teaching catechism to grammar school children in the parishes. Janice has only time to do the Bible study because of her work schedule. She does not have the day off for catechism lessons, nor does she have the aptitude or desire for teaching young children. Is Janice obliged to teach catechism per Bishop Gregory’s desires?

If you would like to know my take on this scenario, please write your response to this question in the forum linked below. If I don’t get any responses, I will move on to something else more interesting to our readers.

Update:  I am moving on to another topic.  I may choose to revisit this at another time, but probably in a book or in the members only section.

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Hot off the Press! New Book on Consecrated Virginity

While a lot of attention has focused on the spiritual and theological formation process for those who wish to become consecrated virgins, there hasn’t been as much
emphasis on the practical logistics of consecration planning.  If, as many consecrated virgins do, a virgin wishes to wear a wedding dress on her Consecration day, then the date must be set at least several months in advance because it takes time to have a dress shipped and altered.  Printing invitations, getting the invitation formula approved, discussing home chapel arrangements, planning the music, and other details take time, thought, and effort.   Because both virgins and diocese’s are often unaware as to the extent of the advance planning needed, a lot of things pop up last minute, are neglected, or even botched, causing great stress.   This guide gives tips on how to navigate the uncharted territory for a lot of dioceses in how they can work with the virgins who desire to be espoused to Jesus Christ.   I am therefore pleased to offer you my book via Kindle (or if you wish, by print):


P.S. Even if you don’t need a copy for yourself, please consider donating below to get this book into the hands of our American diocesan bishops!

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