New Website on Studying at Pontifical Universities in Rome

This website was created by a friend of mine and I think she did a very good job of it. When people learn that I studied in Rome, they thought I must have had a marvelous experience.  Well, I did and I didn’t.  For, the clerics and religious who are sent there to study are pampered in comparison with lay students (most of the visa red tape and their room and board and often housekeeping is provided for them by their diocese or community so they don’t have to deal with that in addition to their studies).  The red tape and inefficiency and hassle of living in Rome was just unbelievable. For example, to mail a package, it took me about 4 hours (1 1/2 was waiting in line at the post office).  On the other hand, tuition was cheap and the international experience was invaluable. If you have been thinking about a vocation but need a college education, I encourage you to consider studying in Rome despite the disadvantages of being a lay student. Check out this website.

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