My Classmate is Now a Seminarian

Please pray for Prakash. He was received as a seminarian for the Diocese of Rome this Sunday. It was a beautiful ceremony and as it also served as an ordination Mass, it was presided over by one of the Vicar for Rome’s representatives, Bishop Schiavon at the new sanctuary of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Divine Love. I counted around half a dozen of my classmates concelebrating the Mass with the bishops.

Prakash looked very happy in his new soutane and he was able to call home to his family in India. There were about 70 people on the home front waiting to get his call telling them he was officially a seminarian.

We had a small dinner party with him after the ceremony and poor Prakash had to keep disappearing because he was hosting this dinner and he was expected to appear at another party at the seminary next door to the sanctuary. While our hearts were glad to see him on his way to the priesthood after much discernment, still, I do wish that there were more “lay” folks in my class… Oh well. At least we can thank God for his vocation!

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