Meg Hunter-Kilmer: A Vocations Discernment Bootcamp Speaker

Meg-Hunter Kilmer, MA, is a professional theologian, and a hobo evangelizer for Christ.  She crisscrosses the United States, giving talks wherever asked on all topics of our Faith.   A dynamic speaker, she will be presenting some of our discernment talks.

Bootcamp attendees will be able to hear Meg’s insights as a theologian on vocational discernment.  Plus, they’ll be able to hear why she joined a teaching community, discerned out, and why she is currently living in her car for Christ.  Meg is currently discerning the vocation of sacred virginity in the Church.  The curious may find time with Meg to ask her what it was like to witness in Las Vegas with her t-shirt inviting people to ask questions or for more details on discussing the Faith in the heart of Mormon-land.

Meg visited us in South Dakota recently and we can’t wait to have her back!  In the meantime, we’ll probably be having a webinar soon with her.  Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

Here’s a sample video of Meg speaking on restrictions the Church may place on people who receive declarations of nullity she did on her visit:

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