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Would you like to contact us by email?  Simply ask your question or give us a comment by filling in the following form completely:

Due to the volume of mail we get and small staff number, we may not be able to respond to each message individually. We will, however, attempt to respond to your message if possible, either by e-mail or in a general manner by a post on this website or within a teleseminar (let us know if you don’t want your question posted).


This website is intended to help you with your vocational discernment. For this to happen, staff time must be primarily dedicated to writing, researching, and website maintenance. As a service to serious discerners, Therese Ivers, JCL, offers a limited number of paid telephone consultations each week. If you wish to work one-on-one with her for personalized advice, or have a pressing vocations related question, take advantage of this service:

  1 (888) 693-8437 ext 04545563

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