Conference: Diverse Models of Authority Present In Religious Life of the Latin Church

Tomorrow I will be going to a conference held at my university with its theme on authority in religious life.  Not only is it of personal interest to me, but as I am a student in the faculty of canon law, attendance at this conference is obligatory.

Here is the speaker’s list and the topics they’ll be speaking on:

Welcome and Introduction:

Professor P. Joseph Agius, OP  (Rector of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas)

Professor Bruno Esposito, OP  (Dean of Canon Law, Pontifical University of St. Thomas)


Cardinal Franc Rode,  CM  (Prefect of the Congregation for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life)

The Abbot Vicar of Christ: Authority in Monastic Life:

Fr. Sebastiano Paciolla, O. Cist. (Professor in Pontifical Atheneo Sant’Anselmo)

Religious Authority in the Dominicans as a Mendicant Order:

Fr. Robert Ombres, OP (Professor in the Pontifical University of St. Thomas)


Archbishop Francesco Coccopalmerio (President, Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts)

Religious Authority in the Company of Jesus (Jesuits):

Fr. Robert Geisinger, SJ  (Professor in the Pontifical University of the Gregoriana)

Authority and Governance in Modern Congregations:

Fr. Luigi Sabbarese, CS  (Professor in the Pontifical University of the Urbaniana)

I am not exactly sure how I will be taking notes at this conference because I have been designated as one of those who will hand a microphone to participants for their questions during the sessions.  However, I might end up recording the event and transcribing them at some point.

Stay tuned…

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